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Black leaders have gone further and accused the council of “gut-wrenching racism” over their objections to the statue. They say a ‘no’ vote tonight will be seen by Black communities and Mandela himself as a personal slap in the face for the former South African President and ANC leader.

A small protest is expected outside Westminster City Hall today as councillors arrive for the meeting. They are understood to have asked for a private meeting with Livingstone before the planning committee convenes in an effort to prevent the Mayor of London giving them a public roasting.

Today Livingstone said: “I am saying to Westminster councillors, let us put aside our differences on other issues and agree on one thing at least – that Nelson Mandela’s statue should be placed on Trafalgar Square as a symbol of our respect for this great leader and as a reflection of London’s status as a great world city.

I gave a commitment in my manifesto, on which I have just been re-elected, that I would support the placing of a statue to Nelson Mandela in the square, and I am here at Westminster City Hall today to honour that commitment. There is clear support for the statue across the world, recognising Mandela’s significance in world history. For a figure inextricably linked to the British people and in particular London, it is wholly appropriate that the statue of Nelson Mandela be placed in a prominent position in Trafalgar Square. click here to visit the website, here :
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